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July 13th, 2014
In that case, if the markets do not expect a change in accounting rates, and it happened, the reaction can be very severe, even hysterical, as it was not considered in the quotes. American state, the state control over transactions in securities on the open market. Bernanke holds conservative views on the economy, although his colleagues argue that in making its decisions, it is not guided by passions and facts. Bernanke purposefully sought to increase the transparency of all actions taken by his agency, hoping to win the support and trust of society. In the field of state regulation of the economy, he advocated the use of various acts of economic levers depending on the characteristics of the cycle. Those who follow the actions of the federal government, no doubt noticed that the open conflict with the most senior officials representing the executive power, never go for the benefit of managers of a department or organization. A powerful lever of economic activity and the level of prices.

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